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Ditch Inspections

As a Ditch Authority, we are required to inspect 20% of our 134-mile ditch system each year, so that each ditch is inspected every 5 years.

Our 2023 Annual Inspection Survey of 20% of our Public Ditch System includes over 35 miles of inspection!

How It’s Done

Our Ditch Inspector walks the ditch from downstream to upstream, taking elevation points every 100 feet, taking photos & notes of the channel condition, culvert elevations up-and-downstream and looking for maintenance needs like: Obstructions, Ditch Repairs (vegetation needs), Bank Failures, Illicit Discharges, Beaver damage, and Other needs that need to be budgeted. Click here to find out more about  tree work. These maintenance needs are prioritized according to criticality and presented to our Board.

Our Ditch Inspector also inspects Best Management Practices we’ve installed as part of larger projects, such as 45 rain gardens.

2023 Ditch Inspection Schedule

  • Ditch 20, Andover
  • Ditch 54, Andover & Coon Rapids
  • Ditch 58, Ham Lake & Andover
  • Stonybrook Creek, Fridley
  • Tronson Creek, Coon Rapids

Please contact us by clicking this link if you would like a copy of a ditch inspection report!