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12-15-21 work in progress in Coon Creek
Multi-tasking: bank grading, bank stabilizing,& flood bench installation, or, in techspeak: installation of coir block with fabric encapsulated soil lifts
Six months later than above photo- a flood bench installed and bank slope re-graded

Coon Creek Park Stream Restoration in Andover

The Coon Creek Watershed District (CCWD) in partnership with the City of Andover has completed a stream restoration project in the Coon Creek Park area.


The project goal is to improve Coon Creek water quality and aquatic life to help meet state and federal standards required under the Clean Water Act. This will be done by reducing streambank erosion and improving habitat both in and along Coon Creek. Multiple sites had sand & sediment eroding from the creek banks into the creek. This is a problem because extra sand in the channel reduces the ability of the channel to contain water especially during large and intense rainstorms. The sand & sediment particles can also have pollutants attached to them.

The three main goals are:

1) Reduce sediment and nutrient pollution coming from streambank erosion

2) Allow the creek to flow with better connection to its floodplain

3) Enhance habitat in and along the creek for native species.

Click here for the 2022 All Details Grant Report

Project Viewing

Click here for a drone video (YouTube) showing a view of the project area and its components!

Project Updates

This project is complete!

Construction Report (pdf)

9/22/22 Engagement event – Watershed Walk interpretive tour

8/4/22 Signage installation

7/1/22 Summer 2022 Vegetation restoration

6/1/22 Contractor is working to complete site construction by June 30, 2022

3/24/22 Construction is substantially completed! Our contractor will finish site and vegetation restoration later this spring as weather conditions allow

11/15/21 until Spring 2022 – Construction to occur in sections

10/11/21 – Sunram Construction, Inc, was awarded the project

10/1/2021 -Bid opening at the CCWD office

8/16/2021 – Project design is completed and project is out for bid

Click here to link to our Project Open House recording on YouTube


Coon Creek Watershed District budgeted funds and was also awarded a $395,000 Clean Water Fund grant administered by the MN Board of Water and Soil Resources

Click here for the 2021 All Details Grant Report

Click here for the 2020 All Details Grant Report

How It Works

Our contractor installed rock that was covered with coconut fiber erosion control blankets and planted with native plants. This is called vegetated rock riprap. This stops erosion and protects from future erosion.

Work was done in the creek channel itself and along the banks within Coon Creek Park:

Placed coconut fiber (coir) blocks along the deepened channel edge

Installed coir blanket over areas of bare soil

Planted deep rooted, native, pollinator-friendly vegetation

CCPSR All Details Report 2020