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Pleasure Creek Biochar/Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter with sign

Pleasure Creek Biochar/Iron-Enhanced Filter

What is a Biochar/Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter?

It is an area that uses filtration media such as sand to filter out pollutants from stormwater. In this project sand is mixed with iron and biochar.

Why a Biochar/Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter?

Phosphorus and E. coli have been identified as water quality problems in the Pleasure Creek watershed. Water from the pond is pumped up into the filter area where it soaks down while pollutants stay behind in the sand with the iron binding the phosphorus, a nutrient that fuels rapid algal growth, and the biochar binds E. coli, a type of bacteria commonly found in animal waste. We have been sampling for it’s effectiveness every 2 weeks. The filter is treating millions of gallons by filtering out much bacteria and dissolved phosphorus.

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This project is funded by the City of Blaine stormwater utility fees, the Coon Creek Watershed District, & state Watershed-Based funding from the Clean Water Fund.

Our most recent All Detail grant report is linked hereClick here for a look at detailed plans.

Project Information

The project is located on the south side of Pleasure Creek park at 10002 Pleasure Creek Parkway East. The project is completed. 

Primary construction was completed at the end of June. Native vegetation has been planted around the filter cells.

Click here for the 2020 All Details grant report

Click here for the last construction report

Construction began September 30, 2019, by replacing topsoil with a heavy clay layer over the project area. This clay layer needed to set for 4-6 weeks resulting in little construction activity on the filter during those weeks.

After the clay layer set, further construction continued:

1. The main project components were successfully installed

2. Site restoration completed in June of 2020.

What was done


The bid opening was Friday, 9/13/2019, at noon at our office in Ham Lake. The bid award was  September 23, 2019, at the Coon Creek Watershed District Board meeting.

Contact information

Coon Creek Watershed District oversaw the construction of this project and had a project inspector on site during the construction process.

Coon Creek Watershed District:                                             City of Blaine:

Justine Dauphinais (click name for email)                              Megan Hedstrom (click name for email)

763-755-0975                                                                         763-785-6194

PC BIESF All Details Report 2020

2020.05.21 PCBIESF Construction Report

Pleasure Creek Biochar/Iron-Enhanced Sand Filter FY19CWF All Detail Grant Report-February 19 2020

2019-07-26 PCIESF PLANS

2019 Pleasure Creek Biochar/Iron-Enhanced Sand FilterAdvertisement for Bids