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Watershed Diagram Credit to Michigan Sea Grant

Watersheds 101

What is a watershed? It is an area of land that drains to a common water body, like a pond, creek, river, or lake. This can be a small area draining to your backyard or it can be as big as the area that drains to the Mississippi River!

Got a minute? Here’s a video about what a watershed is!

Here’s a 5 & 1/2-minute video to learn more about watersheds and precipitation

And here is a website chock full of large-scale watershed info from Project Wet!

Other Organizations that have Watershed Information

Anoka Natural Resources for Anoka County has information on the quality and distribution of natural resources, how to manage them, and who to contact for help.

Local Climate Information has precipitation, temperatures, US Drought Monitor, and more for Minnesota by the MN Climatology Working Group (UMN and State Climatology Office)

“Know the Flow!” Anoka County  is a public education program sponsored by the Anoka County Highway Department and supported by other county departments

Minnesota Watersheds (formerly MAWD) provides educational opportunities, information and training for watershed district managers and staff through yearly tours, meetings and quarterly newsletters

MN Department of Natural Resources (DNR) watershed page with facts, maps, and links to DNR and other state water resource programs

MN Pollution Control Agency watershed page has information on watersheds around the state.

Outside of Minnesota

Center for Watershed Protection (CWP) is a Maryland-based non-profit that has developed and disseminated a multi-disciplinary strategy to watershed protection that encompasses watershed planning, restoration, research, training, plus stormwater management, site design, and education & outreach

US Environmental Protection Agency Healthy Watersheds Protection has