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Our Comprehensive Plan

The Coon Creek Watershed District (CCWD) is a special purpose unit of government authorized by Minnesota Statute 103D. The CCWD also serves as a Water Management Organization (WMO) under M.S. 103B. WMOs exist only in the seven-county metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul and are organized around height of land drainage areas in this seven-county metropolitan area. All WMOs are required to develop and implement a Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan for their area (MS 103B.231 and 103D.401).

The Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan serves to:

Planning Process

In May 2022 the District initiated the first step to amend the CCWD Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan with publication of Notice of Intent to Amend Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan. Public input was sought during July and August 2022 and Advisory Committee and agency input solicited during fall of 2022. The Notice for Plan Initiation was sent out January 4, 2023, to all stakeholders and the Plan Initiation held during a regularly scheduled Board meeting on January 23, 2023.

Purpose and Intent

This addresses the second step (Mission & Problem Analysis) required by M.S. 103B.231 and M.R. 8410.0045. The intent is to use it as an intellectual “starting line” for discussions about present and future water resource management issues, the structure of future operating environment that influences those resources and water management in the Coon Creek Watershed District.

Click here for our 2013-2023 Comprehensive Plan

60-Day Review and Comment Period Documents