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Permit Application Fees

These new fees reflect the amount of time needed to review and inspect projects. NOTE: permit applications require a $10 administrative fee plus fees below.

The Application + Review & Inspection fees are due at the start of any project. Unused Review & Inspection fees will be returned at the completion of a project as determined by District staff after Final Inspection. To request a Final Inspection, please fill out a Request for Escrow Return form.

Project TypeFee Amount
Single Family Lot$ 750
Single Family & Multifamily Residential Development 
Total Project Site <10 acres$ 7,000
Total Project Site 10 – 20 acres$ 9,700
Total Project Site >20 acres$10,000
Industrial & Commercial Development 
Total Project Site <2 acres$ 3,300
Total Project Site 2-4 acres$ 4,000
Total Project Site >4 acres$ 4,500
Streets & Utilities 
Separate Private Street & Utility Project$ 1,750
Directional Boring of Cable & Other$ 750
Additions to Base Fee 
Projects with Floodplain Impact$ 300
Projects with Ditch & Stream Crossing$ 1,040
Wetland Fees 
Wetland Delineation Review$ 200
Wetland Monitoring & Reporting Deposit$ 1,500