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Using Synthetic Pesticides Wisely

A great place to start when you’re thinking of using pesticides!

What is a Pesticide: A factsheet from California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation

US Environmental Protection Agency: Basic Information about Pesticide Ingredients

Pesticide Health and Safety FAQs from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture

These short guides are easy ways to learn the basics of properly using pesticides.

National Pesticide Information Center: How-To Properly Select and Purchase Pesticides

MN Pollution Control Agency: Lawn Care Chemicals 101

This US Environmental Protection Agency guide is 53 pages long and has a lot of information about pesticide alternatives, using pesticides properly, and what to do if an emergency arises due to pesticide use

A Citizen’s Guide to Using Pesticides: United States Environmental Protection Agency

Do you have excess pesticides that froze or that no longer have a legible label? If you do, take them to your local Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility.

Greater MN Household Hazardous Waste Dropoff Facilities

7-County Metro Area Household Hazardous Waste Dropoff Facilities

If you have pesticides you simply can’t use, but that are still in a good condition, consider asking your neighbors or friends if they could use them. Then, take them to the disposal facility.

Remember to buy right in the first place so you don’t have to worry about disposal!

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