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Floodplain Info

The Coon Creek Watershed District has created a District-wide model that reflects more recent data than FEMA, and is what the District regulates to per Section 6.0 of our rules. 

Please fill out a CCWD Technical Assistance form for location and 100-year elevation determination for your project.

Properties that also have FEMA floodplain may be subjected to additional requirements not regulated by Coon Creek Watershed District.

Please contact your city engineering department for floodplain information.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is updating their official flood hazard maps and has re-evaluated properties and/or structures as to whether they are within floodplain. These are the basis for the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs).

If the property is within the floodplain on the new maps the property owner needs to have flood insurance, unless proven otherwise via a property survey and Letter Of Map Amendment (LOMA) or Letter Of Map Revision (LOMR). Flood Insurance is for your protection against loss in the event of a major flood event.

For more detail on the flood FIRM program, click here  

For more info on Floodplain Management and Flooding, click here

For more info on Flood Insurance, click here

Want to check on your property?  

FEMA Map Information Exchange    1-877-336-2627


FEMA Flood Map Service Center

Call your city if you have further questions.