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Pesticide Materials

Print Materials

Pesticides in stormwater are a growing problem. To find out why that is, and what you can do about it, check out this flyer! It includes ways to reduce your pesticide use and has tips for how to best apply pesticides if you do use them.

Reduce Your Pesticide Use Flyer

This brochure is for those that maintain their own lawns and are looking for ways to reduce their impact on the environment. The references listed in brochure are a good starting point for those looking to go more in-depth with different lawn care recommendations.

Safer Lawn Care Brochure

Do you hire out your lawncare? Even if you’re not the person applying pesticides, you can have a big impact on the amount of CECs in our water depending on who does your lawn care.

Summer Turfgrass Maintenance Certification Trainings for contractors are available! These trainings teach practices to best care for turf and reduce water pollution. This flyer discusses what the classes are, and how to check to see if your contractor is certified. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s webpage about the trainings.

Hire Certified Contractors Flyer

Online Materials

If you want to share why pesticides in stormwater are a growing problem, use this infographic!

Pesticides in Stormwater General Infographic: PNG or PDF

Want to let folks know about healthy lawn care so they can reduce chemical use? Here’s an infographic you can use!

Have a Healthy Lawn Infographic: PNG or PDF

Sometimes we decide to use some form of pest-control on our lawns; this shareable infographic details alternatives to synthetic pesticides.

Alternatives to Synthetic Chemical Pesticides Infographic: PNG or PDF

If you do decide you need to use chemical pesticides, or know your residents will, share this infographic about best use practices for pesticides to help minimize the impact of the pesticides.

Use Chemical Pesticides Wisely Infographic: PNG or PDF

Let folks who hire out their lawn care know about the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s certification program with this infographic!

Hire Certified Turf Contractors Infographic: PNG or PDF

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