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Proper Medication Disposal Materials

All these materials list ways to properly dispose of medications. The most important thing to remember is to not flush medications (for humans or pets)!

Print Materials 

Want to know why proper disposal of medication is important, and what proper disposal even is? This simple one-page graphic explains what proper disposal is and why it’s important. One of the pages is just focused on human medication, while the other focuses on both human and pet medication.

Dispose of People Medications Properly Graphic

Dispose of People and Pet Medications Properly Graphic

To make sure that medications aren’t flushed or end up in the wrong hands, various pharmacies and police departments operate medication disposal locations. The sheet below lists all the disposal locations in or near the Coon Creek Watershed District.

Note: Not all locations accept all types of medications.

Where to Properly Dispose of Medications within the Coon Creek Watershed District

If you’re going to an event and want to spread the word about safe medication disposal but don’t want multiple pages of information, click the email request link below to request a bookmark!

The three closest disposal sites to your location will be listed- the Blaine bookmark is available as a sample.

Email Request

Blaine Safe Medication Disposal Bookmark

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