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Fees & Escrow Information

Permit fees have a $10 non-returnable administrative fee plus a base fee between $750-$10,000 depending on size of project. Fees are not required for public entities.

Note: we have additional fees for Floodplain Impact, Ditch & Stream Crossings, and Wetland reviews.

Any unused portion of the Review and Inspection fee is returned to you (no interest). You will be charged additional fees if your application requires additional staff time.

Go here for Permit Application Forms

Escrow fees ensure the project gets done according to the Approved Permit plan. Before claiming your escrow, all criteria must be met from our permit to you. This will help increase your Return amount by reducing our staff time spent on site visits. Once your project is fully completed, fill out this form requesting return of your escrow funds.

Remember to Add the Administrative Fee of $10!

Permit Application Fees

Project TypeFee Amount
Single Family Lot $ 750
Single & Multi Family Residential Development
Total Project Site <10 acres $ 7,000
Total Project Site 10 – 20 acres $ 9,700
Total Project Site >20 acres $10,000
Industrial & Commercial Development
Total Project Site <2 acres $ 3,300
Total Project Site 2-4 acres $ 4,000
Total Project Site >4 acres $ 4,500
Streets & Utilities
Separate Private Street & Utility Project $ 1,750
Directional Boring of Cable & Other $ 750
Additions to Base Fee
Projects with Floodplain Impact $ 300
Projects with Ditch & Stream Crossing $ 1,040
Wetland Fees
Wetland Delineation Review $ 200
Wetland Monitoring & Reporting Deposit $ 1,500

Escrow Information

Any Escrow fee is due once your project is Approved by our Board of Managers and before your permit is issued by us. This information remains unchanged.

Performance Escrow1) A base fee of $2,000
2) A frontage fee of $20/ft of ditch 3) Plus property size $500/acre
Wetland Escrow1) A base fee of $500
2) New Wetland Credit Values of $35,000/acre
Staff TimeHourly of staff member working on task