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Pet Waste Station Pilot Project

In an effort to reduce water pollution from dog waste, the Coon Creek Watershed District (CCWD) has launched a 2nd Pet Waste Reduction collaborative Initiative with the City of Blaine and the City of Coon Rapids. These stations are partially serviced with US EPA 319 grant funds in 2022-2024:

1st Pilot: Starting November 2020 and funded through June 2024 by the CCWD, 13 pet waste stations were installed and serviced along paved trails in the Pleasure Creek pond area of Blaine and around Sunrise Lake in The Lakes of Radisson (LoR).  After this phase, the LoR HOA has agreed to adopt the 6 stations on their property.

We plan to adopt out the other 17 stations to neighboring HOAs or businesses who could have promotional info on their adopted station(s). Want to adopt a station? Contact Dawn Doering, Public Relations Coordinator at 763.402.0000 (direct) or

This project helps the CCWD, the City of Coon Rapids and the City of Blaine meet Clean Water Act requirements in reducing water pollution!

For detailed information on these requirements for the CCWD, click this link